rosary beads

Abraham, from the Bible, married a fair woman. All their children became attracted to fair, but barren, woman.

  • Sarah was very beautiful but barren genesis 12:11-12
  • Rebecca beautiful but barren genesis 24:67
  • Racheal beautiful but barren genesis 29:17

It is known that your children will be a reflection of yourself. Abraham lied, Isaac lied, Jacob lied, Jacob sons lied.

Judah, the grand grandfather of David, had woman issues – he slept with his son’s wife by accident because he couldn’t control his argue for woman genesis 38:11-end.

Down the line, David had lust issues where he slept with his commander wife Bathsheba and murdered him. David’s son had lust for his own sister and raped her. David’s son murdered his own brother.

You produce your own kind, every time.

It is time to build back our family by closing the doors we have opened in our homes.

Check and reevaluate your life and it will shed light to your life and where your children’s lives are heading.

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