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About Us

Sister Suzy Peter, held an associated degree in Nursing and a Bachelor in Psychology with minor in Christian counselling. She is currently married to Luka Maluk for many years and have three children. Sister Suzy was raised by a single mother, and had no relationship with her biological father until couple of years ago. She was broken in so many areas of my life, in spite of all imperfection, God called her to service in His kingdom. In 2012 accepted her calling and was ordained as a minister in 2012 and as a pastor in 2018 by Apostle Anthony Aledekuba of Baltimore, Maryland. She has passion and zeal to help mend the broken heart, lend healing to the hurt and direction to the lost through biblical counselling and instructions. she has tremendous love for people especial youth and children to know God from a young age, counseling pre- and marriage couple on relationship according to the principles of God. she and her husband travel the world and within America preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ as well supporting a widow in Indian monthly.

Mission Statement

To bring total restoration of all men to Jesus Christ for total life.


TRM is a teaching ministry which focuses on restoring families and individuals and training them in the principles of God. Our goal is teaching people on how to apply biblical truths to every aspect of their daily lives, and encourage Christians to influence every aspect of the world around them through preaching, teaching, evangelizing, deliverances and counseling.

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